School Introduction:

If the Shaolin are masters of the fist,the Splendor are masters of the long sword. The school utilizes both Chi and the sword to fell our enemies and enjoy a sterling reputation throughout the martial arts world. The Splendor master is Yue Buqun.
Splendor Sword is swift. They can deal damage in a very short time, often killing the enemy before they can react.
They are known for their elegance, agility and their ability to land quick and powerful attacks.
Using a one-handed sword, they strike consecutive attacks slowing down the enemy.

School Attributes:

Exo, Ice and Earth Boost.
Martial art features:

Swift DPS, Quick charge, Stable damage.

This Class is risky, due to its low def and hp but rewards for high damage

+Skills Speed
+Fast Combos
+High DPS
+Excellent in PvP(1vs1)

-Low Hp
-Low Defense
-Close Skills (Can die quickly)