Shaolin Elemental Damage


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Yo, hello everyone. Since I noticed that many players still don't know that any elemental gem can give you some damage increase for every school skill, I've decided to put here results of one simple test with 3 most popular extra skills of Shaolin class (Typhoon, Mantle Ripple and Vajra Blast).

Note: Elemental damage has linear increase and with adding penetration in test only damage scale is changing but damage increase relation for each of this skills will stay always preserved same like in this graph bellow.


The biggest elemental damage of these skills will be if you build Earth damage, however if a lot of players using Earth resistance, building any other element might be a good idea. Extra Vajra Blast is clearly the most dependant of elemental damage and if you decide to change your citrines with something other (can be any) you will suffer lesss since you will lose only 17% of your elemental damage which can be compensated with better damage on some lost art like Death Charm or Flame order.

To be fair to Typhoon which looks pretty bad on this graph, it must be said that Typhoon damage mostly depends on your Exo Attack. In other words, the greater difference of your Exo Attack and opponents Exo Defense is, the greater damage increase will be, much greater then on any other Shaolin skill like it is shown on picture bellow.


This was M. Ripple/Typhoon test that is made on Arc Official server. Typhoon magic starts to happen once when Exo Attack surpass Exo Defense of your opponent. At that moment Typhoon damage increase starts to grow much faster than on Mantle Ripple for every point of Exo Attack.
Only for illustration, in picture bellow there is graph for higher damage scales and ofc. if you add tiers to this, differences become much greater.

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