Riot [GUILD]

Riot is now recruiting active -ENGLISH speaking- players who are willing to PK with us and become part of the Bandit family. We are a group that came from other MMO's, still learning about Swordsman online but we make progress!

★We welcome:
-Old and new players
-Must be Lvl. 50+ with x50 exp boosts (we can help with Bamboo)
-Can speak English (to understand you)
-Active log in / Guild base quests.

★We do NOT welcome:
-People who beg for items (we are nice but not dumb)
-People who beg for guild positions
-Lvl. 40~43 will be considered -> spy

-Trash talkers without reason

PM me in-game : Shazadi / Shazadi★360 for more info. or contact No★scope - Ryos - Rayner.
If you get no reply from any of the above, post a reply to this thread with your in-game name. :)