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Once upon a time... this forum was alive !!!

Let's start from fresh again especially after ARC did shutdown official/retail server

Since you guys did join SOMA, i did make many changes to server/client side !!! and as requested from players on discord :
we need to give "Patch Notes" to our Community.

I totally agree that Patch Notes has to be provided to YOU, and i'm really sorry that i didn't make it happen by myself or even GM, in time !!!

We will start our Patch Notes on forum today with this new incoming amazing update that i will provide to you all !!!

Version 0.1.187

Please Read the patch notes in the appropriate section of forum => Patch Notes Section

[Additional information]
  • There are rumors in game so don't believe what players are Roaring in game
  • If you have any questions just ask GM and if GM don't have Answers please wait till i announce it.
  • As i'm really busy with my real work and server fix i wont spend time to respond any players as not forum is here for that

please make the forum alive again.. i will let other friends know this game.
other didnt know if the server is online or not . please make a post that this is still open and running thanks