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Hi All,

I know there are many of us here on S.O.M.A Swordsman that would like more info on how to complete the quests that are given for specific *Lost Arts*. I have scoured the internet trying to gather as much information as I can in order to shed more light on what it is we have to do. I now post my findings to you, and I give credit to those who originally posted the info. It is my hope that this information will be of some use to those of us who want to complete our *Lost Arts*.

Credit Goes To discodjsingh For Posting This Guide
Credit Goes To Dee For Proofreading It...:D

Basic info about lost arts. before you can learn the lost art you need to collect the right amount of pages + volumes to make a complete scroll. Once you have all the pages and volumes for that specific lost art, go to lost scrolls npc Lee Moh Bai in Lou Yang and he will give you a scroll for that lost art.

Very Important Step:
In order to start the quest for your lost art you need the right fortune for that specific lost art. The scroll for that lost art you got from handing in your pages + volumes to Lee Moh Bai,
will tell you which fortune you need to get in order to start the quest.
On S.O.M.A Swordsman, you can reset your fortune 50 times per day, (that means if you don't get the fortune that is written on your scroll, you can keep trying up to 50 times), so you are bound to get the right fortune for that lost art you want. You can check your fortune and reset it at the Fortune Diviner (LOST ART) npc in Lou Yang. This npc can be found at the front entry that leads to the lost scrolls npc Lee Moh Bai. After obtaining the right fortune, just follow the instructions for each lost art listed below. The few I've listed here are just to give you a few to start on. Maybe we could even validate the info and make sure its correct. :cool:


1. Make sure you have the right fortune.
2. Start the quest at Dancer Girl in Harmony’s Piedmont 128,101.
3. Follow Auto Path. There will be 2 quests to be completed simultaneously.
4. Part I - Bai Shiaosheng - Harmony's Piedmont 437, 23.
5. Part II - Orphan - Harmony's Piedmont 183, -11
6. Part II - Paperball - Harmony's Piedmont 308, -63 (its a little hidden. its on lower lvl of that coords. the building is tall thats all i can say :p
7. Auto Path
8. Yang Yao is located at Luo Yang 279, 361.
9. Yang Yao will ask you several questions. These are the correct answers
The weather is cooler
Ren the unstoppable
Yue Buqun
Five venoms
Standing up
The Kidult
Lynhu Tsong
Sun and Moon

10. Shie Intim is located at Salt Habor 506, 239 at the very top of the building behind the No. 1 Guild Master Statue.
11. Win 99 rounds in arena.
12. Talk back to Shie Intim


1. Make sure you have the right fortune.
2. Obtain quest from Yang Szeku at Luo Yang 542,214.
3. Follow auto path
4. Masked man is at Herbalist Valley -16,154
5. Follow auto path
6. Wang Peng is at Cyan Heights 530,-247
7. Follow auto path (warning: the quest has a time limit of 1 minute. if you dont do it in time you will need to start quest again.)
8. Kill Hwang Tayee, Fong Yi, Dai Nuro, Shia Rubin. All 5 are locared at Cylan Heights 557, -237.
7. Follow auto path
a. Kill Fu Chinyun River Goddess in lvl 80 dungeon Upper Altan Khan Tomb 455,167. Enterance to the dungeon in Jia Perfecture.
8. Auto path and learn Traceless.


Just a heads up a few 18 Dragon quests require 1 hour cool down before you can start the next quest.

1. Start quest at Shie Fon located at Lou Yang 219, -33
2. Auto path
3. Kill White Neck Pheasant spawns between 2pm and 6pm. it is a daily monster so make sure you kill it first on that day, or you can be in a party then all party members will get the kill.
White Neck Pheasant can spawn at 2 locations. Gweilin 424, 11 or Gweilin 562, -50.
4. Auto path
5. Zepher Angelfish is located at Salt Harbour 314, 36 spawns between 6pm to 12 midnight. its a weird guess but it stay in that location from x:00 to x:15. every 2 hrs between 6pm to midnight.
6. Auto path

7. These r rough cords from a freind:
342, 44 - rabbit
246, -77 - deer

Now keep in mind I am not the one that originally wrote this info., so if any of the names, locations, coordinates are incorrect don't jump on me about it...
Attempt these Lost Arts at your own risk... :eek::D
I'll be posting more to you soon, and hey, if you find any incorrect info, be a doll and post a new guide..now that would be nice...To be continued;)

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1. Start quest at NPC Dzao Lin located at Salt Harbour 498, 51
2. Dynasty Founder Boxing Manual is at Salt Harbour 202, 40
3. Auto path Dzao Lin
4. Lord Bai is at Harmony's Piedmont 181, 211
5. Collect 2000 Heros Orders IV's and return back to Lord Bai
6. Notice board is at Harmony's Piedmont 168, 164
7. Auto path
8. Kill 300 Plumstead Lackey
9. Auto path

10. Retrive Dynasty Founder Boxing Manual from levell 60, 70 and 80 instance boss.
There is a chance u may earn a box but its not so common. Good Luck!! ;)

Credit To: discodjsingh (Official Swordsman Forum - General Discussion - Lost Art Complete Guide)


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(Get from Curiosity Merchant, Luo Yang 617, 14)

1. Start quest from Bu Haoch at Luo Yang 495, 7

2. Buy Tea Flower Honey from the Street Vendor NPC in Salt Harbor.
The NPC roams around so you just have to find him.
3. Give Tea Flower Honey to Bu Haoch at Lou Yang 495, 7
4. Auto path to Mortal Heaven Inn - Fu Giu 170, -78

5. You need to pick up 3 quests.. all 3 NPC's are in the Mortal Heaven Inn
(Not sure which npc it is, but just look for a scroll over their heads and you will have the right one)

Mortal Heaven Inn 41, 55 - Tugu Wuhwan
Mortal Heaven Inn 21, 29 - Te Lien or Fong Szenion
Mortal Heaven Inn 19, 31 - Su Weilun

6. You need to find 3 NPC's

Swordsman - Fu Giu 185, -60
Harbor Dancer - Fu Giu 266, -46
Dog Lover - Fu Giu 283, -101

7. Ledger in Banner Mount is at Fu Giu
8. Auto-path and hand in all 3 quests
9. Kill Green Marsh Toad which is in Bittermarsh which is a level 50 dungeon.
The dungeon entrance is at Mount Majesty 279, 81.
Marsh Toad will be at lower dungeon.
10. Return quest back to Mortal Heaven Inn
You should now have your Wildheart Punch Lost Art achievement :p

Credit To: discodjsingh (Official Swordsman Forum - General Discussion - Lost Art Complete Guide)

Proofread By Dee

If you find any information in any of these guides to be incorrect, please reply to the incorrect guide with the correct information...*Thank You* :)


ok,so i'm level 60 now,i got the right fortune:sail with the wind,i got the quest from the little kid in the middle of luo yang. Now it asks me to find tea flower honey?

ok now i found it at the moving street vendor in salt harbor,then i complete the quest, i obtain another quest which is to visit the inn manager in fugiu at mortal heaven inn, after that i receive some notes and exp, then nothing happens,and no more quest?

Now i saw a quest in fu giu, mortal heaven inn, Ton Beezen, he asked me to find a girl...
Fu Giu 266 -46 is the girl but their are 2 more quests in the inn. Lion's Roar quest's mysterious person is Swordwoman just outside the Inn at 186, -62.
And Drinking for the Night's Dog Lover is at 283, -100.

After that you must go back to the Mortal Heaven Inn and talk to Tugu Wuhwan and then to Su Weilun. After that report the two quests to Ton Beczen.

Now you have to find the leader at coords 123, 201 (click auto-path many times and you will see where on the map it blinks) Zoh Hsu, step on top of the chamber and interact with the object and go back to talk with Ton Beczen in the Mortal Heaven Inn.

At last he will give you quest where you have to kill 500 Green Marsh Snakes in
(Upper Bittermarsh) and 500 Marsh Toads in (Lower Bittermarsh) both can be found in
the Dungeon of Mount Majesty.

Credit To: gibmeabreak (Official Swordsman Forum - Gameplay and Help - Quest Tips)
Proofread By Dee

If you find any information in any of these guides to be incorrect, please reply to the incorrect guide with the correct information...*Thank You* :)

Note: I cannot validate any information on either of these guides - you do this lost art quest at your own risk...:p
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