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It now goes to a school as Harmony (Harmony).
Select this school belong to the class of murderers, I would have reacted to this school class guitarists murderers, they hide their weapons in the musical instrument "Piano".
Chapter 1
Main points
The most important points for this school is Str and accordingly Exo attack
The second is ochkom Con and accordingly life
The third article is Evasion, avoidance
You can with the third article and experiment, for example, use the Mitigation, giving some chance to protect their soft body from the attacks of the enemy, or points against the elements.
Chapter 2

In armor, helmet, armor, boots, gloves, pants
insert the following stones:
Slot 1: stones on the force
Slot 2: stones on life
Slot 3: stones on Evasion or Mitigation or resistance elements
In the weapons and jewelery
Slot 1: stones Exo attack
Slot 2: stones poison attack
Slot 3: stones on a critical hit or penetration element
Chapter 3

+ Basic attack +
(hold) + other skills without delay
PVP: (
press together
first and second strikes +
third strike

Chapter 4
About the School

The school trains the killers, the other does not, they use a concealed weapon, causing great damage and poison the target. Use two swords long and short. Loo Lienzon master school .Stihiya School poison.

Done ★★★★
1on1 PvP ★★★★★
Group PVP ★★★★
survival ★★★★
Dungey ★★★★
The overall complexity ★★★★

high DPS
poisoning goals
Long rollback skills
low def

Sorry for my English writing through an interpreter.
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