Guild Token Thief


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Hey There,

Have you ever wondered where to get the *Guild Token* that allows a player to start their own guild. Well you could buy it out of our in game market, or you can kill the *Guild Token Thief* and get it for free. I was out doing my guild base quests the other day, and I saw this gorilla looking mob over in some bushes.
I didn't see any other mobs around it, so I ran over and killed it.
It dropped a *Guild Token*. This is the item needed to start your own guild. Well, of course with my fellow players in mind, I jotted down all pertinent information, and I posted it here just for you.

Spawn Time: 05:55 server time (This is the time I saw it in game)
Location: Fugiu Outskirts 420, -45
(It looks like a gorilla)
Drops - *Guild Token*

spawns every 1 hr after death -_- Fugiu Outskirts 420, -45

the same description is in in-game encyclopaedia thing

requires 3 or 4 token to open a guild idk i forgot