Guild Base Quest Guide


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Hi All,

I thought it would be a good idea to post a guide on how to complete guild base quests. When you complete the three guild base quests, you will receive guild credit. When you receive guild credit you use it to upgrade your guild bonus.
Which are an extra set of stats for us. Believe me they come in handy. :)

Click Link To See Guild Bonus Pic 1 :
Click Link To See Guild Bonus Pic 2 :


When first arriving on the guild base look behind you for your guild *Feast Master*. This would be the first guild base npc you see other than the guild base *Transportation Manager* (teleporter).
Once you see your guild *Feast Master*, he stands smack center near the entry to your guild base, go past him until you see the *Event Agent* npc.
Once you see him go to your right. You will see two big brown double doors head towards them until you see the *Crime Unit* npc with a *little boy* npc nearby. They both are just opposite the double doors. You can't miss them.
Once you see the *Crime Unit* npc. *Right Click On Him*. You will see a quest titled *Detective*.
*Click On It* and take it. The *Detective* consists of *3 Quests* you complete all three.
Here are some pics of one of the quests that show you what to look for and what to click on in order to complete it. The object of them all is to:
*Click On All The ItemsYou See That Have White Hover Text Over It*
*Click On It And Click Each Clue Until No More Clues Come Out Of It*
After doing these quests a few times you won't have any problems solving the crimes.

Example: Guild Base Quest *Haunted House*

Look for the following items in a guild base quest. You will know the items when you see them because they will all have white hover text over them. When you see this white text over an item....Click On It and Click Each Clue Until No More Clues Come Out Of It.

Pics: Haunted House (GBQ)






6.) -----> On rooftop of crumbling building

7.) -----> On rooftop of building with npc standing on it

Once you have completed clicking on all the clues...look upper right to see Yellow Quest Line
Click on *Clues Deduce* (click to open the panel) and a window will open

You will see two sides: Left Side Says ----> Clues
Right Side Says ----> Truth

What you want to do now is match up *Number Of Clues* with *Number Of Truth Boxes*
I have never read the clues, or tried to solve the quest, that is not my interest nor why I do them. I just match up the number of clues on the left with the number of truth boxes on the right......see pic here:

When you have matched up your number of clues with your number of truth boxes,

Then click ----> *Only One Truth* This is on the bottom of the right side

If your deducing is correct you will be teleported to a *Reward NPC*
see pic here:

If you are not moved to the *Reward NPC* after clicking *Only One Truth* which is at the
Bottom Of The Right Side your deducing was incorrect...follow my instructions below...

Go to top of the left side - Look under Clues and you will see Ending - On the other end you will see a *Down Arrow* Click The *Down Arrow*
You will see more clues you can chose from

Select Another Set Of Clues and Match them up with the Number Of Truth Boxes and click *Only One Truth*

Do this until you are moved to the *Reward NPC* You know what to do from there....

Enjoy S.O.M.A. Swordsman :D;):D