[Emei Arena Guide] by LaVida

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Hello PvP interested player,

I dont know if you will read this but i would like to let you know what i have learned about Emei since i play this game and ofcourse to help the players here.

So lets start with

2.Why Emei?
3.Skill Setup
5.The most important for every class: Block and Movement
6.Skill Scrolls


Hey again if you still reading this.
My name is LaVida on this server and on retail german Jian server LaVidaLoca. I have been playing this game since it has started in europe and i really love it. First i was a normal PvE player started the journey of becoming a high level monster killing machine but like in all other mmos i had the aim to become one of the best players in PvP. I leveled up till LvL 40 and get to know the Arena function because a friend told me that in arena it doesnt matter which gear you have and which Lvl you are, you only need skill. Well i thought this cant be true because in almost every other game i got to know like Silkroad you always need a good gear and a high level to succes in PvP but now there is a game which have a PvP function where only counts skill? It sounds unbelievable so i had to try it.
Well the first games went really bad for me because i didnt know any skillset or anything about blocking or dashing. To be honest i really got raped :D
But the fact that only skill matters turned me into a learning machine :D I had the luck that an Emei called Deathfire helped me out to learn my first combo. With this combo i really easy won against players with the same experience because in general Emei is a very easy class against average players if you know a good combo but if u play against Pro´s it gets really really hard but later more. So i got more and more experienced, slowly learned to block and to dash in the right moments but then i had the next problem. In general really less player play arena on the german server so i had just experience against the same classes like splendors or infinitys. But then i found a new item called "travel token" which allowed me to go on other european server to join arena. From now on i was like everyday a minimum of 2 hours on the english "gauntlet" server where almost everytime someone fights in arena. But the skilllevel on the english server was 1000 times higher than on german server. Thats why i started to be just a average player there. But with every day i become better and better. I created new combos ,extended them, got to know all classes and learned how to block and to dash.During my whole process of learning i went on only 55% winrate because I always fought against better players than me to learn everything faster and i didnt care about my winrate. But now im at a point where i almost mastered Emei in the way i playing her and can almost beat every player except of few ones so i want to share my results of learning with you.

Here are some pictures of me :

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2.Why Emei?

In my opinion Emei is one of the strongest PvP classes in the game besides Splendor,Harmony and Shaolin. You have much skills with player control effects like the grab "Force Lift" which is not blockable like every grab ingame and it has a high range, the stun and gap closer "Heartbreaker" which is blockable but has an insane range and you even can get the opponent to you if they are jumping and acupuncture skill called "Astral Shift" which is slow but very useful in combo, just to say the most important ones in my playstyle.
The Emei has many small Combos but also a really large Combo which can end in a one hit Combo . Furthermore she has many initiate skills or combo breaker skills, which makes her so flexible. So all in all she is a very good choice for arena players. For PvE and OpenPvP too but this guide just deals with the topic Arena so i leave this out.

3.Skill Setup

Now i will explain to you the Skill Setup how i play her

*Remember it is just my playstyle. You can play every character in different playstyles.

Q- Heartbreaker (one of our initiate skills)
1- Solar Focus (skill which throws stunned or acupunctured enemys in the air)
2- Energy missile ( just a damage skill can be used mid-air)
3- Chi Force ( our greatest damage skill and can stun too)
4- Stone Crusher (stunned targets get prone and cages the enemy)
5- Solar Eruption (throws the enemy in the air and a great initiate and defend skill)
6- Force Lift ( our grab and also our main initiate skill and in some cases defend skill, remember grab skills are unblockable so very important!!)
7- Astral Shift ( acupuncture skill )


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Basic Attacks:
On left mouse click: Chi of Yang

And on the combo-key: Bone Claw

Here is the right Setup of the Combo key:

View attachment 91

But why we are using 2 basic attack skills?
First of all you are very flexible if you have Chi of Yang to damage the enemy if he is far away and Bone Claw if he is infront of you.
But the main reasons of it is to switch your stance between your 2 initates and to hit the enemy when he is red(wounded) with Bone Claw.

But what means to switch stances?
Many of you dont know that the 2nd Skill tree and the 3rd Skill tree has different stances that means if you cast a skill from the 2nd skill tree and then a skill of the 3rd skill tree it will takes longer to cast the skill because your character needs to switch stance.
For example if the enemy blocked your "Heartbreaker" initiate and then you try to grab him with "Force Lift" the Force Lift animation takes much longer than you would be in the right stance. So before you think about your initiate control you are in the right stance.

Skills in our Setup from the 2nd Skilltree are : Heartbreaker, Stone Crusher, Astral Shift

The Basic attack for the second skill tree is Bone Claw.
So if you want to initiate with Heartbreaker you should do one BasicAttack with Bone Claw before to switch in the right stance.(if you are playing in Classic mode press shift to hit the basic attack in the air)

Skills in our Setup from the 3nd Skilltree are
: Force Lift, Solar Focus, Energy missile, Chi Force, Solar Eruption

The Basic attack for the third skill tree is Chi of Yang.
So if you want to initiate with Force Lift you should do one Basic Attack with Chi of Yang before to switch in the right stance because if not your to slow and the enemy can easily cast a skill or get away.

And wounded means that sometimes you see monsters or players are red and cant move thats the wounded stat. Our Skills and combos are working with this working stat but later more.

So now we have all seted up lets go to the combo.


First of all i would love to do videos but my notebook is too bad for something like that. I even play on completely low graphics and still have like 10-20 FPS ..-.- So if you want to see it just pm me ingame.

I´ll start with the combo which deals almost every class 1/3 - 1/2 life damage.

First Q[Heartbreaker]-->1[Solar Focus]-->2[Energy Missile]-->3[Chi Force]-->take two steps in enemy direction(u need this to have the right timing to throw the enemy in the air without he can even block)-->5[Solar Eruption]-->4[Stone Crush]-->some Bone Claws like 1-3 and then get away

If you do this Combo right the enemy cant get out of it and you deal great damage. We save our Force Lift if the enemy now wants to attack us fast because he knows almost all our skills are on cooldown.
You can start this Combo with Force Lift and then the whole Combo but after "Force Lift" "Heartbreaker" is blockable so i wouldnt recommend it.
But the problem is the initiate skill Heartbreaker is blockable so the better the enemy is the more difficult it becomes to hit the Heartbreaker so its all about mind games.

But now comes our One Hit Combo which can kill almost every class in arena with one hit if u get in the combo.
It took me long to find the right timings and to do it right but now i want to share it with you guys.

We start with

6[Force Lift]-->3[Chi Force](!!!readinfo)-->5[Solar Eruption]-->2[Energy Missile]-->7[Astral Shift]--> now enemy is acupuntured wait till its almost gone-->1[Solar Focus]-->4[Stone Crush]-->TWO bone claw hits--> right after this take 2 steps away from enemy-->Q[Heartbreaker]-->ONE bone claw hit-->3[Chi Force]-->5[Solar Eruption]-->3[Energy Missile]--> now the oponnent is wounded so use Bone Claw to Dmg him after the 6th skill you see in the ComboPicture i uploaded you use instant 7[Astral Shift]--> then wait till its almost gone use 1[Solar Focus]-->4[StoneCrush]-->TWO Bone Claws--> 6[ForceLift]-->3[Chi Force]

After this Combo the enemy should be dead or has really low life.

If you do it right with the right timing the enemy cant block the Chi Force and then the rest of the combo is unblockable.
So all you need is to land your Chi Force after the Force Lift.
After the Force Lift the enemys react in different ways:

1.They roll away

If they roll away you need to press Chi Force as fast as you see they roll away , if you are too slow they can block it. And if they roll away and you hit the CHi Force you need to roll to the enemy before using Solar Eruption.(be fast)

2.They stay on place and try to block

If this happens you need to troll them that they cant block your Chi Force that means you have to guess in which direction they block and get behind their block.
If you succeed then you can start the whole combo right now.

This is the most important point after the Force Lift. If you fail this you will never come into your combo, so try to train the right timing and dont give up if it not works the first times.

So now we are prepared. We have all skills on the right place , we have Combos. So what we need now is training and some basic knowledge and experience in arena. Lets come to the next point

5.The most important for every class: Block and Movement

Blocking is one of the most important thing to have succes in arena. If you cant block the enemy skills or know which skills you can block or which skills you have to dash you will never win in higher Elo.
So first of all set your block key on a key you can reach very easy (i have it on "E). Then try always to block with shift(if you play in classic mode) because then you can choose your direction where you want to block.

*Remember the block blocks you 90 degree to the right and 90 degree to the left so a complete angle of 180 degree.
So if you stay infront of the enemy and you block in a angle of 90 degree to the left or to the right then you block infront of you and behind you.( just try it out with ur friends and you will see).This called SideBlock.
So train the block thing because its one of the most importent thing in the arena. The same with the movement.

6.Skill Scrolls

As skill scrolls for the arena i would recommend:

Chi Force Power (to do more damage)
Chi Force Cooldownreduction (its always good to have this skill ready)
Force Lift Cooldownreduction (we need this grab so much so get the scroll :D)

As extras i got Chi Force and Energy Missile but i always play arena without extras because in my opinion the extras unbalance the arena .So i cant recommend you any good extras for Emei.


All in all i have to say i wrote this guide to let you guys know what i have learned about Emei in my time in Arena and i would recommend every player to play a Emei because its really fun in OpenWorld and ofcourse in Arena. And in general i just can speak for the european server there are too less emei players in arena so we need to get more of them and then we can maybe create other playstyles and techniques to own all the other classes

I thank everyone who completely read this guide because it costs me much time to write all this down.

Best Regards

LaVida - LaVidaLoca
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WoW!! *Thank You* so much for this lavida...I really appreciate your taking the time out to do this for us...;)