Event Celebrate Solorius with us!


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Ho, ho, ho, SOMA!

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping day by day. Winter is coming and with it comes Solorius!

Waiting for you in the coming weeks:

  • Vote System changed from 24 hours to 12 hours (already set)
  • Increase level CAP from 90 to 100
  • Donation Sycee got double from what you donate for
  • Market Place will have new items
  • S.O.M.A Lottery will be on market
  • Time to time i'll give free Lottery pack in game for only players above level 60 ++ (all below wont get so be sure to be level 60)

Arena event :

  • This incoming week we will have Some Arena Event where winners will receive some x15 SOMA Weapons (mean you will able get some random stat from them so u can choose but those weapons are bound to ur Character so can't trade)


5/12/2014 => Not limit until a new update
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In case you still Have lottery box open them now

because when server will be restarted all Lottery system will have less reward as i set it on mallmarket as low price