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Lost Art - Dynasty Punch Tutorial

Requierement : Level 60

Divinity : Sail with the Wind

Map : Salt Harbor

As you level up you will come upon a quest called "Curiosity Merchant" This means you pretty much ready to obtain the lvl 60 Lost Arts.
To begin you need to buy the Two Volumes from the curiosity merchant(622,14) in LuoYang.
In the shop are the 6 Volumes needed for the 3 Lvl 60 Losts Arts.

Read the description and buy : the Volumes One and Two of Dynasty Punch

Head on over to Moh Fon (795,75)

He will give you a quest with the requirements on it.
One of the requirements is the Divinity of Sail with the wind.

To obtain this Divinity you have to go to the Divination he is standing right outside the building you went into for Moh Fon.

This is how a correct divinity should look !!

Upon receiving the Divinity you head on over to Salt Harbor and find a man called Dzao Lin (500 -60).

He will have a small red scroll above his head, and will hand you a quests to go look for his scroll at an old pagoda which is located.

Come back and drop it off and he will send you to talk to the parliament of Harmony Piedmont(185 190).
Auto walk to the location and you will receive another quests.
This is where we start to require insane amount of stuff to complete.

You go to Harmony Piedmont and you go and turn in the Tokens.
Due to this servers having the tokens in the cash shop, it will take you no more than 2 days to acquire enough tokens from the shop.
The next step is posting the lost and found on the billeting board which located just in front of the parliament.(169 169)

Now you have to head right back to Salt harbor to Dzao Lin (500 -60) and he will give you the task of killing 300 monster.
Just auto walk tot he area and begging the massacre!

Upon finishing the massacre a guy called Li Sao will spawn near the area (756 -153).

and he will send you back to Dzao Lin, and Dzao will continue to the quest and send you to Twilight Ridge to meet [U]Dzao Puh (491,-88).
He will ask you to obtain the Manual by that drop in 3 different instances.

Almost everything needed are in MallMarket !!! so doing this quest is really easy on our server.