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The Donation FAQ got updated with Ultimate pack and new Method added

now you can use Moneybookers for donate

Have fun


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Hello as you noticed our website got updated with a new template

hope you like it :)


have fun


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As you noticed yesterday our server was down for several hours!!!

I did reinstall the entire machine

So you may notice that some links are broken (http links) as download or images

don't worry everything will be back as normal because right now i'm uploading file by file on serve.




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Server just got updated to version V163 (english main version)
please be sure that you client is up to date for able see changes

I did add Brush as requested :

  • #Skyhigh Brush Case => A case of brushes from Skyhigh
  • #Rebel Parcel => It belongs to the Northwestern Rebel Force
  • #Rebel Cage => It belongs to the Northwestern Rebel Force
  • #Camel Urn => It belongs to Peak Mu, the Eviel Camel
  • #Eminence Token => Property of Mount Eminence's Pagoda Guards

Also added #Fashion that players seeking :

  • #Tatooist's Body Armor (Male)
  • #Tatooist's Hart (Male)
  • #Tatooist's Body Armor (Female)
  • #Tatooist's Hart (Female)

Some Lost Art's Skills got their prices decreased by a lot !!!



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Below a video that show you how to patch for the first time any Swordsman Client

Hope it will help you!!!

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