School Of Martial Arts is a Swordsman's Private Server that will let you to play you favorite Martial Arts Game anywhere in the world.
The site launched on September 2014
School Of Martial Arts became the first biggest private server of Swordsman with many features.
We do not provide any official news, events or any kind of Game's info from retail server as everything are custom and we can't provide you a retail similar server. But we try our best for serve you the best
The team behind this site consists mainly of one man Magenik who is Founder and Web/Game Developer/Designer.
Thanks for joining us. We hope that you enjoy the site as much as I enjoyed making it and i welcome any suggestions or comments. Be sure that updates and additions will never stop!

Truly yours,
School of Martial Arts's crew.



Founder of School Of Martial Arts | Java, PHP, C++ & JS programmer, Senior Web Developer