FAQ Your Questions Answered.

We provide English Swordsman client on our main page

you can download from below:
English Client French Client

You will need 7zip or Winrar for extract client from the zipped download

After your finish install your client you will need to download and extract autopatcher into your Swordsman folder
You can download our unique autopatcher from link below (only download your language one) and be sure to run it only one time after installation
English Autopatcher French Autopatcher German Autopatcher Indo Autopatcher

When client is installed and patcher is done, just run your Swordsman Launcher it will autoupdate file from our patcher server.

School of Martial Art have an unique game panel called : GAMECP
allow you to manage your game access account
And also from GAMECP
you can Vote and be rewarded with Sycee in game

you can register from link below: